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           I started tattooing at my mothers kitchen table at the age of 19 on the 19th day of the 2nd month of 2011, and I've been going hard every since.. I love my job I take it very serious. I'm self taught for the most part I learned a lot from my tattoo mentors coming up. I would get in my Ford Fusion and drive from Michigan to New Orleans (18hrs) to watch "Bo Willie" & "Ceaux Young" I looked up to them a lot in my journey, and I still do! I opened my first tattoo shop in 2017, my 2nd and current primary location in 2018 in Saginaw,MI. I also opened a new location in Houston,TX. Where I'm looking to expand my brand and grow to new heights in my career.I love what I do for a living I get a kick out of the look my clients give when I exceed their expectations, its one of the best feelings in the world. I just want to be your favorite tattoo artist, and if you took the time out to read this bio, I hope that I'm at least one step closer.


    Thank You!








    2hr Session
    Quarter day


    2hr session usually includes palm sized tattoos. Maybe a little bigger depending on detail. these sessions are great for memorial, new child ideas, single flower with name & etc.

    4hr Session
    Half day




    4hr sessions are great for portraits, half sleeves, half chest ideas depending on detail, neck, hand, foot tattoos and etc. I don't go small or simple in these sessions at all.

    8hr Session
    Full day


    8hr session usually includes full back piece starters. whole side (from pit to waist), full arm and leg sleeves, full chest pieces and etc.



    the TAPOUT session is where I give you the opportunity to pick a space and a theme and just let me go crazy. By crazy I mean go as big as I can.. as detailed as I can.. for one flat rate. if you can handle it.

    Cover Ups


    my cover ups are %100 freehand and usually take 6 to 8hrs and it comes with a free 2nd session to insure the old tattoo is completely covered. depending on how dark the tattoo is, it may need to be 2 to 4x the size of what's being covered.

    $150 deposit due upon booking,Goes toward service.

    #FreeHand #BigBigCoverUp #Blasted #TattooIdeas #BlackInk 📲989-980-1708.jpg
    Half sleeve name piece for his daughter.. that’s love. 🤞🏾_•_•_•_www.TattoosByKRoGg.jpe
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